Les fragments épars d'un environnement familier

sont les matériaux d'une patiente reconstruction.

jacquette de la cassette               Anna Roussel, flûtiste interprète du film      

"Highly commended" au Guernsey Lily International

Film & Video Festival 2003


Prix spécial du Jury au Concours national vidéo de Lorient

                               Prix spécial du Jury

"This is a rather unusual film from this producer. It is quite imaginatively shot and edited and it holds one's interest.

The idea of comparing the human brain's memory whith that of a computer in "defrag" mode is most interesting.

The way in which we are taken into the mind of a patient as he nears consciousness may be food for thought fo computing

boffins, but may be lost on a general audience. However, the film's short running time and intriguing idea ensures that it

does not outstay its welcome. A good effort overall." Peter Rouillard (FACI)


"A very imaginative parallel between defragmenting a computer hard-drive, and the fragmented memories of a human being

who may be in a coma. I liked the idea behind this movie and the treatment used. A genuinely original idea very stylishly realised

on video. All technical qualities were first class and I liked the use of traditional Breton music that was very nice indeed.

A nice, artistic thought provoking little film.Very well done." Richard Rouillard (FACI)