en attendant le train


   Scénario Jacques Losay, Images Jean Stère, André Benauw, Assistant Jean-Yves Brenner, Scripte Josette Benauw, Décors et accessoires Josette Benauw, Florence Joërg, Anne-Marie Forner, Montage Jean Stère, André Benauw, Yves Guiguen, Final cut : Jacques Losay


June 1944 at night. A small railway station in the countryside of Brittany, air raids roaring in the background. A digest of everyday life during the Occupation.

An atmospheric tale set in Southern Brittany at the time of the allied invasion of June 6th 1944. The feel for the time was well realised with a mix of French people waiting for a train. The people from the Resistance, ordinary Frenchmen and women, and quisling with a list of people to be interrogated by the Gestapo were qll confined in a railway station.The effect of news of the allied invasion was well realised with a telling look upon the face of the quisling with the interrogation list. Well done. Richard Rouillard.

This is an unusual period piece set in the waiting room of a railway station on the eve of the 6th June 1944, in which the characters are quite well portrayed. A stranger enters and sits down. He is revealed to be an German official who produces a list of suspects for interrogation. This gives an edge of menace towards the end - until the waiting occupants are informed of the landing of the Allies. Some good attention to detail to emphasize the wartime period is effective. Unfortunately, not enough happens to make an audience react to the caracters and become involved. I feel the film needs some excitement to give it a lift. However a good effort and well made. Peter Rouillard.

Guernsey Lily International Film and Video Festival.