courrier en réponse

Thank you so much for the photo you sent us, souvenir of this so pleasant stay.

We must tell you how much we enjoyed to participate once again to your festival.

We did appreciate the organisation, which was perfect, owing mainly to Marion we guess. From the beginning, as we arrived at the hotel, we were greeted by a nice bag containing tourist information, Guernsey products and above all a detailed program.

The comments on the film we received later on are very important to us. To our knowledge, too few members of juries bother to write such ones, though very valuable for any filmmaker. It shows a high conscientiousness.

In addition, we agree with the conclusions we find fair and well considered.

We admit with Rod Willerton there is too much camera movement and with Peter  that the film is mainly let down by the unsteady camerawork. I am aware the film is not a masterwork but I just would like to point out that it is a document taken from life. My purpose was not to treat precisely this subject, but when I saw what was going on, I focused on the Ping-Pong play occurring between the musicians and the sound technician. I think the public is now accustomed to these quick camera movements in fashion on TV news. Some prestigious directors even make artificially trembled shootings for more realistic effects in action scenes.

The result would obviously be better if someone could help with a second camera,. But the bigger weakness of the film is noted by Jan Watterson : "In terms of narrative, the film is very slight", though Peter finds it to have "a human interest".

I certainly failed to give back the atmosphere of these meetings - called "fest-noz" by Britons - where people are overall happy to be together and very tolerant towards musicians mostly non professional.

 We of course wish to come back to the Lily Festival, but making a film for an international audience is not so easy, the main difficulty being in translating or subtitling.

Jacques & Anne-Marie